Hi !

I am a huge french Quiksilver fan period 1986 – 1987 1988. I collect all items from these collections (spring / summer & autumn/winter).

I own some jackets  and boardshorts but, most of the pictures you could see in the galleries of this website, have been collected during the years.

If you own QS clothes from the 80’s, don’t hesitate to contact me.

If you have some pictures, you could also send them to me, and I will add them to the galleries. All contributions are welcome !

PS : This website has no commercial purpose. It’s juste a fan site. I don’t have any link with the Quiksilver company.

Don’t hesitate to contact me !


PS : I really would like to thanks :

  • Doavemc and Jerôme Walter for the gifts, pictures & scans and support
  • José Fernandes, Regis Emery and Pierre Lespes for pictures & scans of adverts and support
  • Wendy Stillman for her help and gifts
  • PJ from PjsSnowboardCollection for pictures & scans of adverts and support
  • Oliver Moon from  OXBOW Surfwear Vintage for pictures & scans of adverts and support
  • Luke Taafe for scans of the adverts. Please have a look at his Art Works at : http://www.taaffedingo.com
  • Frank Pfrötzschner from Germany for scans and pictures
  • O. Afanassieff (Jean Afanassieff’s daughter) for scans and pictures
  • Peter Webb for his advice and availability
  • And of course… my sister : Virginie